Learning Math and Coding with Robots


Q: How do I control hardware Linkbots from RoboBlockly for Windows and MacOSX ?
A: You need C-STEM Studio version 5.0 or higher to control hardware linkbots. Below is the instruction on how to control Linkbot hardware from RoboBlockly.

(1) download and install C-STEM Studio v5.0 from C-STEM web site.
(2) Launch Linkbot Labs from C-STEM Studio as usual to connect Linkbot with your machine.
(3) Add Linkbot ID inside Linkbot Labs as usual.
(4) Launch RooboBlockly by clicking RoboBlockly menu on the top left inside C-STEM Studio (Note, not from a regular browser).
(5) Drag a Linkbot block such as driveDistance() to Workspace
(6) Click “Run” to move both virtual on the grid and hardware Linkbot at the same time.
(7) If you cannot control hardware Linkbot when click “Run”, click “Save Ch” to save a program roboblockly.ch in C-STEM Studio->Student Homework->RoboBlockly folder and launch it in ChIDE. Then click “Run” in ChIDE, it shall display any error message for you to debug the problem.

Q: I created multiple groups for students in my class in Class Management. After I assign homework for different groups, why cannot a student see a homework assignment?
A: You may not have assign this student to a group and you did not assign homework to All Students. Therefore, this student who does not belong to a group will not receive any assignment.

Q: How do I change the default download location when saving Blocks/Board/Grid or Ch programs in RoboBlockly?
A: In Google Chrome, the user has to set that feature. Go to Settings, click “Show advanced settings”, and click “Ask where to save each file before downloading”.

In Internet Explorer, when you download a file, it lets you select whether you want to download to your default download location or to a new location. For Edge, there is not a simple way to change the download location.

Please note, Internet Explorer cannot save Grid.

Q: How do I save Blocks/Board/Grid or Ch programs in RoboBlockly in Safaris in Mac OS X?
A: Safari can save Blocks/Board/Grid, but a file or image will be shown in a new tab that the user would have to save himself or herself.

Q: What is the size of the background image that can be uploaded?
A: The size of the grid is 360 px by 360 px. The image that is drawn on the background can be any size, if it is too small, the image will be stretched and if it is too large, the image will be reduced.

Q: How to clear the cache in Chrome web browser so that 96×96 Grid for RoboPlay Challenge Mat will be displayed?
A: Please follow the instruction here to clear the cache in your Chrome.

Q: Why does the grid on the background image not match the grid displayed in uploaded blocks?
A: The grid in the background image may not match the grid in the uploaded blocks. For example, the
background image contains the grid for 24×24 inches whereas the XML file for blocks selects the 36×36 inches option.

Q: What can I do if my program is running slowly?
A: Turning on the sound on your computer may help.

Q: How can I help translate RoboBlockly in other languages?
A: Please contact us.