Learning Math and Coding with Robots

Getting Started with Interactive Tutorials:

Interactive Tutorials
  • Tutorial #1: Introduction to RoboBlockly Link
  • Tutorial #2: Setup Attributes Link
  • Tutorial #3: Save Blocks, Edit Board, Save Grid Link
  • Tutorial #4: Change Block Symbol, Change Background, Settings Link

Video Lessons:

The video tutorials and lessons will give you an introduction on how to use RoboBlockly, robot programming and coding in RoboBlockly with math and science concepts.

Included with each of the videos are XML and Ch files for the programs demonstrated in the video lessons.

You can download the XML files and upload into RoboBlockly. Similarly, you can download the Ch files and use to run hardwired or virtual robots in RoboSim.

You can further explore and learn math concepts in grade level specific math activities.

Tutorials on RoboBlockly
  • T1. Link URL: http://roboblockly.org/video/introduction/Introduction to RoboBlockly.mp4 | Thumbnail: http://roboblockly.org/video/image/introduction.png
  • T2. Link URL: http://roboblockly.org/video/introduction/RoboBlockly Toolbar.mp4 | Thumbnail: http://roboblockly.org/video/image/toolbar.png
  • T3. Link URL: http://roboblockly.org/video/introduction/RoboBlockly Grid and Setup.mp4 | Thumbnail: http://roboblockly.org/video/image/grid.png
  • T4. Link URL: http://roboblockly.org/video/introduction/RoboBlockly Workspace and Block Menu.mp4 | Thumbnail: http://roboblockly.org/video/image/workspace.png
  • T5. Link URL: http://roboblockly.org/video/introduction/RoboBlockly Format of Activities.mp4 | Thumbnail: http://roboblockly.org/video/image/learning.png
Lessons on Robot Programming Lessons for an Hour of Code Lessons on Coding